GITMO Future

Pres. Obama is on a political rampage to close the GITMO prison in Cuba where the most dangerous radical Islamic jihadists are prisoners taken during the war with radical Islam. The allegation that this prison serves as a recruiting tool for terrorists is not supported by current research and facts. There are 91 prisoners still housed at the prison and Obama wants to release approximately half of them to third countries and transfer the other half to a prison or prisons on US soil. The real reason for Obama’s proposed closing of GITMO (which closing is illegal under US law) is because he made this a campaign promise to his political base.

Not only are these the most dangerous jihadists that we have in detention, they are treated as enemy combatants and can be held indefinitely as long as the war with terrorism exists. If half of these prisoners are transferred to US soil their status changes from “enemy combatant” to alleged criminals under the US justice system and they must be tried and either convicted and serve terms in jail or be released.

Treating these people as war prisoners or enemy combatants makes infinitely more sense as long as the war with radical Islam is in progress. Releasing them would be a lethal experiment in insanity as these war time prisoners are released back into the war only to show up again on the battlefield or in remote locations where they can kill Americans. To house the remaining enemy combatants on American soil in a US prison not only alters their legal status under the US justice system but also allows for the recruitment of jihadists in prisons and a danger to the surrounding communities where these terrorists are detained.

The simple answer to this dilemma is to leave Gitmo open and use it to house enemy combatants for the duration of the war against radical Islamic jihad, regardless of how long that war continues.

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