Hillary Clinton’s dark politics

Hillary Clinton is blasting Donald Trump for inciting violence at his rallies and making bigoted statements against Muslims and Mexicans. This is the travesty of politics. And she is the perpetrator of lies.

Let’s examine Clinton’s scorecard for travesties:

1. She promoted taking out Qaddafi which led to incredible bloodshed and turmoil in the advance of terrorism in Libya.

2. She ignored her own ambassador, Chris Stevens, when he repeatedly asked her for more security in Benghazi which failure to respond caused the death of Stevens on September 11, 2012. This was an inexcusable unforgivable failure by Clinton.

3. Clinton orchestrated a gunrunning operation out of the Benghazi CIA Annex in which masses of weapons were transferred via Turkey to Syria and placed in the hands of the Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaeda which ultimately led to the formation of ISIS. As such her foreign relations initiatives were characterized by incompetence and gross negligence for which she must be held accountable.

4. She failed along with Obama to send attack groups into Benghazi during the terrorist attacks against the consulate and annex, which resulted in the deaths of Amb. Stevens and three other Americans who were defending against these terrorists attacks.

5. She lied to the nation and the families of the deceased
Americans about the cause of the attacks as being the result of a spontaneous response to a Mohammed video
produced in California that spread throughout the Internet. In fact the attack against the consulate and annex in Benghazi resulted from a well-organized terrorist attack which was known to Clinton shortly after the attack began.

6. She has compromised highly classified secrets by passing them through a personal file server in the form of emails which acts were unauthorized as best we know.

7. As Secretary of State she allowed for millions of dollars of contributions from foreign interests to the Clinton foundation in which she has an interest. As such the Clinton foundation operated by Bill Clinton and Hillary acted as a money laundering entity to conceal the transactions that were taking place in which millions of dollars worth of assets and favors were granted to foreigners as a result of their contributions. Her actions constituted a conflict of interest in a possible criminal enterprise.

So Clinton must account to the voters and all Americans for the scandalous and potentially criminal behaviors in which she has engaged.

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