Will there be a Republican Circus convention in July 2016?

Unless Trump has an exceptionally good day this Tuesday in those states where votes are to be counted the likelihood that he will show up at the convention with 1237 delegates dims. If he does not there is every likelihood that Trump will not be nominated for president even if he has a substantial plurality, and the same is true for Cruz. I think it is wise for everyone who is a Trump supporter to realize this. After the first round of voting at the convention if the 1237 delegate count is not met by any of the existing candidates the convention opens up during the second round and delegates may be casted for anyone over 35 years of age who is a US naturalized citizen who is a registered Republican. This could mean Romney or Paul Ryan could get the nomination. If this occurs be prepared for all hell to break loose in the Republican ranks where outraged voters supporting either Trump or Ted Cruz demonstrate their anger at the Republican establishment. It is difficult to predict the exact consequences of such an outcome except to note that they will carry a significant effect on the outcome of the November election. Under the circumstances I believe it is not too soon to begin thinking about this outcome at the Republican convention scheduled for July 2016. The “stop – Trump” forces are so overwhelming within the ranks of the Republican establishment that even should Trump show up with a substantial plurality of votes it is almost a foregone conclusion that he has no chance of winning the nomination. To all Trump supporters it is not too early to start gearing up your plans for a protest and an alternative course should this occur. Such an outcome will devastate the Republican Party in my opinion.

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