Anarchy must be defeated in our political system

Donald Trump has been the target of intense protests most of which verge on anarchy and violence. As long as these mob actions continue to plague Trump’s free speech at his rallies harsh retaliatory action must be used to stop these mobs which are preventing free-speech and the right of assembly by Trump and his supporters. We know who these anarchists are –, black lives matter,radical Muslim elements of CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood and their adherents, Hispanic activists demanding illegal immigration amnesty and other left-wing groups creating chaos which will suppress free-speech.

The American people cannot tolerate anarchy and violent turmoil at its organized assemblies. There is a major political war and struggle going on this nation which pits vicious left the wing anarchy and disruption against America’s political system, albeit turbulent. There is no doubt that Trump has touched a deeply embedded political nerve in the American electorate. It is a reaction that the establishment in both parties cannot control or alter regardless of how hard they try. As a result the nation is on the threshold of major political change and restructuring the final outcome of which is yet undetermined. Nevertheless the inner core of the American political system is strong and durable enough to survive whatever the outcome may be.

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