Muslims also have a duty to protect our society

There is no doubt that Muslim communities in the US and mosques are going to come under increasing scrutiny. The fact that the liberal left and the Muslim communities reject the idea that this should happen will not eliminate their obligation to understand that there is a reason for it and that it will happen.

This is a time for the Muslims in America to take a good hard look at themselves and stand up to the fact that their communities are frequently troubled as a result of an intolerant, violent and supremacist element that stems from the Islamic texts that guide their religion. Moderate and reformed Muslims who recognize the violent, intolerant and supremacist ideas that exist in the Koran, Sharia and the Hadiths have to speak up and demonstrate by their acts that radicalization and the jihadist way is not something they condone. One can always ask the question “is this really fair?. Why should any political – religious group of people need to prove themselves in a free society? The fact is that radicalism lives and breaths lurking beneath the surface of the Muslim community and poisons the life of an open society. Muslims who fail to recognize this problem and who refuse to face themselves and their religion neglecting to accept that they have a responsibility to nurture the society they live in rather than adopt a defensive angry disposition only exacerbate the problem.

Open and free societies are not naturally occurring elements in the universe. They must be protected and nurtured by the members of society if they are to survive and provide the fruits of liberty to the inhabitants of such a society. Indeed, our Muslims share in this duty.

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