Surveillance of Muslim communities and Mosques within the US

Much is being said currently regarding Donald Trump and Ted Cruz and their proposals to conduct surveillance of the Muslim communities including the mosques in this country to identify radical elements of the violent strains of jihad which lurk in Muslim communities in the US.

The target areas are those wdammit where large clusters of Muslims gather where a likely percentage are committed to radicalism or have the potential for being radicalized.

Cities such as Hamtramck, Michigan where 90% of the population is composed of Muslims including the city Council. Dearborn Michigan is another example where approximately 40% of the 100,000 population is Muslim. There are also large clusters of Muslims in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota. One of the significant problems regarding these large population centers are the Muslims from foreign countries that have come here on refugee programs that do not assimilate the American way of life and in many cases there is a desire to impose Sharia law instead of constitutional law in these areas.

In addition to the above there are approximately 30 jihad training camps spread across the United States which fall under the leadership of a Pakistani with ties to radical Islamic terrorism. These camps are training for violence but due to political correctness are not subject to the surveillance and controls or even outright elimination that is appropriate under the circumstances. These camps are populated mainly by former prisoners who have been radicalized during incarceration and most are African-American.

Unless America wakes up it will find itself in the same position as Europe. For these reasons FBI and police surveillance for all these areas should be implemented without hesitation.

Because of left-wing liberalism in the US there is a strong resistance to undertake surveillance and profile in these high density Muslim areas even though it makes eminently good sense.

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