Radical Islam and ISIS are existential threats

Pres. Obama has announced that he plans to bring in another 100,000 Syrian refugees from the Middle East. Obama believes that we should protect and care for these refugees as part of meeting our ideals as Americans. It is well-known that Obama does not believe that ISIS is an existential threat to the US and he seems little concerned that refugees will include jihadists that will bring death to the American soil. As a matter of fact Obama will not even mention the term “radical Islamic terrorists” for fear of painting the entire Islamic religion as being terrorists.

At what point does Obama believe it is his duty to care for the poor and the middle class and the sick and needy veterans in the US and ordinary citizens? At what point does he acknowledge the conclusion stated by his own FBI director that it is impossible to detect or screen violent jihadists who were mixed in with the refugees which are being brought into this country?

With regard to his conclusion that ISIS is not a “existential threat” to the US I wonder if he includes the American people in his definition of “existential threat”?

For example does he include the Fort Hood massacre?
Does he include the Boston massacre?
Does he include the Chattanooga massacre?
Does he include the San Bernardino massacre?\
Does he include the World Trade Center massacre?

In each of these cases radical Islamic inspired acts
resulted in the multiple deaths of American citizens – these were existential threats as were the Paris and Brussels massacres which just occurred.

Pres. Obama is obviously more concerned with protecting the dubious reputation of a radical theological – political ideal than he is protecting the American people who are being killed at the hands of radical Islamic violence! Pres. Obama has no problem in undermining the lives of innocent human beings whether in America or Europe for that matter in exchange for the reputation of a violent and aberrant cult of murdering jihadists who Obama refuses to recognize for what they are.

As citizens of America who seek to protect the internal integrity of our country and the lives of our citizens we must resist and push back on Obama and his plans to resettle more Muslims from Middle East and North African war zones by contacting our Senators and elected representatives in Washington DC.

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