The threat of radical Islamism and First Amendment Exclusion

April 6,2016

Rep Kieth Ellison (D Minn)
Rep Cresent Hardy (R NEV)
Rep Joe Heck (R Nev)
Senator Dean Heller (R Nev)
Senator Lamar Alexander (R Tenn)
Senator Mark Pryor (R Ark)
Senator John Boozman ( R Ark)
Rep Tim Griffin (R Ark)
Rep Darrell Issa (R CA)
Rep Trey Gowdy ( R SC)
Rep Trent Franks ( R AZ)
Rep Louie Gohmert ( R TX)
Rep Tom Rooney ( R WA)
Rep Lynn Westmoreland (R GA)
Senator John McCain (R AZ)

Subject: The Threat of Islamism in America

Dear Senators and House of Representative Members,

The positions in this letter are based on personal research, judgments, opinions and observations.\

The threat of Islamism is increasing at an alarming pace.

I am greatly concerned over the direction our country is headed, with respect to the need for more cogent insight into the shocking political reality of Islamism (including the provocative undermining by Shariah of the US Constitution) and the sinister and seditious strategy of “Civilization Jihad” implemented with tenacity and discipline by the Muslim Brotherhood of America, its Brothers and adherents, including advisors at the highest levels of the Obama administration.

First the US has been besieged by massacres resulting from radical Islamic terrorism and our government refuses to identify these acts as being caused by radical Islam:

The World Trade Center massacre on 9/11.
The Fort Hood massacre.
The Boston Marathon massacre.
The Chattanooga Tennessee massacre.
The San Bernardino, California massacre.

Based on facts determined in these massacres all of these acts of terror were the direct result of the Islamic texts (Koran and Hadiths) and inspired by those who practice them in the Islamic world(al Qaeda and ISIS) and no other reason.

In addition, continued increases in Shariah compliant immigrant refugees transferred from the Middle East and Africa have been intentionally, and in many instances carelessly planted by the Executive Branch without regard for the local cultures, law enforcement resources or for the peace, tranquility and Constitutional rights of existing citizens.

The behavior by our president and his senior officials with respect to these refugee immigrations constitutes reckless and cruel acts. This violation of the rights and trust of American citizens in these refugee communities is reprehensible. The welfare cost increases alone add to the blatant blunder of this policy! These refugees are not being distributed in smaller numbers where their assimilation into society is eased, rather than creating “culture clashes”?

At the heart of “Civilization Jihad” is the radical Muslim Brotherhood of America ,its Brothers and adherents, who would try to have us believe that totalitarian Shariah Law is part of the peaceful religion of Islam, and that “Civilization Jihad” is a protected right of religious expression under the First Amendment. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Rather than an exercise of religion, these political acts of Islamism amount to a declaration of war on the United States and the American people and we are currently witnessing signs of open hostility and turmoil in communities across the nation where traditional American culture is being undermined by Shariah compliant immigrants and refugees distributed in numbers determined by the Obama administration, and without regard for the welfare costs and cultural shocks caused in these local communities. We must be intelligent enough to assure that fundamental compatibility and national interest are both served by these immigration policies. Nonetheless, this is clearly not the case.

The prevailing US law’s perception that all things involving Muslims are exclusively “religious” in nature and are protected under the First Amendment are incorrectly found in dividing Islamism into its two elemental components one which is protected under the First Amendment and one which is not.

First, there is a religious component consisting of the Koran, its reading, and the mosque’s religious activities of prayer and clerical Koran based teachings (excluding the advocacy by radical Islamic clerics of acts of hate or violence against the US). Second, a Political Islamism component exists consisting of the intentional subduing of a civilization ( “violent jihad” , “civilization jihad”, and the preaching or advocating for acts of hate or violence so as to attempt to or actually cause the incitement of violence in America or against America or its inhabitants or citizens), and its eventual governing by Islamic forces(by the Caliphate, Caliph and Shariah Law).

It should be only the “religious” dimension therefore which is the object of free speech and religious rights protections under the First Amendment, while the intrinsically violent and forceful instincts of the “political” dimension of Islamism must be subject to judicial restraint and/or aggressive restraint by military or law enforcement.

Article VI of the Constitution states “This Constitution shall be the Supreme Law of the land”. The Muslim Brotherhood’s sweeping stated purpose for this “Civilization Jihad” is to eliminate and destroy America from within by its own hand as the Muslim Brotherhood, its Brothers, and adherents,including CAIR, seek the gradual and final complete surrender of America to the totalitarian and intolerant Shariah Law. This in effect is a declaration of war by the MB, not a practice of religious faith!

What is also alarming is the tone deafness of our elected representatives and Executive Branch to realizing that America is at great risk of surrendering its Constitutional rights and having them replaced by another legal code, Shariah, which would spell the demise of America as we know it.

Shariah Law is already being insinuated into US law, with 27 cases in 23 states reported as referencing Shariah Law in 2011. The concern over the imposition of Shariah is such that a number of states are trying to enact laws prohibiting the use of Shariah or other international laws in settling US cases.

And where the “blasphemy” speech muzzling tenets of Shariah noticed any greater than at the highest levels of the Obama administration where the Muslim Brotherhood and its Brothers, and adherents are insisting from inside advisory positions at the highest levels of the Executive Branch that the FBI, intelligence, military, State Dept and DOJ refrain from the use of any material interpreted as “offensive to Muslims”. As implemented such Shariah “blasphemy” demands are unenforceable under US law, and amount to a blatant submission in the gradual and incremental surrender to sharia law that is the intention of the Muslim Brotherhood, and its “Civilization Jihad”.

The shocking truth is that on February 8, 2012 then FBI Director Robert Mueller advised these Muslim front groups that the agency had purged 1000 presentations and curricula on Islam that were considered “offensive” to Muslims. All facts surrounding this event reportedly leads to the conclusion that the Muslim Brotherhood and its adherents, and support groups were instrumental in describing the content that was “offensive ” to Muslims ,and that this was the content that the FBI actually removed from its files. This series of events and even the hint that these Muslim Brotherhood adherents are engaged with our Executive Branch’s in purging official government records is at best shocking and at worst sedition or treason.

Numerous FBI agents have reportedly since confirmed that FBI Headquarters has banned all FBI offices from inviting any counter- terrorist specialists who are considered “anti- Islam” by Muslim Brotherhood adherents. It is beyond belief that these Muslim front groups wield such influence over our government–and where it is not even required by US law. It is a reflection of the leverage and influence that the Muslim Brotherhood and its adherents now claim over our senior government officials. One must ask why this surrender to Muslim interest groups, and what does this mean to future US national security interests?

For the reasons above, please review the political component of Islamism as defined above and assess whether you believe any constitutional First Amendment limitations are appropriate to curtail it. This is a critical determination to make if we are to address and eliminate the significant threats from radical Islamic jihad terrorism from such groups as the Muslim Brotherhood, Muslim Students of America,CAIR or similarly persuaded radical Muslim groups that appear to be seeking to harm America and the American people by undermining the Constitution and destroying America from within, and potentially by harm from any violent jihad such as from the training facilities that are operational in the US under the Muslims of the Americas ( or Jamaat ul-Fuqra) and reportedly managed by Sheik Mubarak Ali Gilani of Pakistan.

It is requested also, that you agenda these matters for oversight hearings for the purpose of getting to the bottom of these threats to our national security posed by the Political dimension of Islamism and the questionable behavior of our Executive Branch, as described and defined above.\

America’s Founders clearly did not intend that our own Constitution be used as a weapon to enable destruction against us by a seditious and violent enemy hell bent on the nation’s surrender and destruction by a totalitarian Shariah law and radical enemy with sinister political designs to destroy the US constitution and the freedoms and liberties that it guarantees to our citizens.

As previously mentioned, in addition to the Muslim Brotherhood’s, its Brothers and adherents’ Stealth or Civilization Jihad that is driving the intentional undermining of the US Constitution, political Islamism is taking root in numerous communities throughout America, primarily by immigration, but in a number of instances by home grown incubation. Examples of these are described below.

I have listed 30 US locations below for your information where reported Islamist violent jihad training communities exist. These facilities are reported to be operated under Muslims of the Americas which is affiliated with the radical Pakistani Fuqra Movement, and is managed by Sheik Mubarak Ali Gilani of Pakistan who appears after initial research to be associated with al Qaeda.

All of these are listed on the Internet.
1. Marion, Alabama
2. Baladullah, California
3. Oak Hill, California
4. Squaw Valley, California
5. Tulare County, California
6. Buena Vista, Colorado
7. Tallahassee, Florida
8. Commerce, Georgia
9. Jessup, Georgia
10. Springfield, Massachusetts
11. Hagerstown, Maryland
12. Hyattsville, Maryland
13. Coldwater, Michigan
14. Binghamton, New York
15. Deposit, New York
16. Hancock, New York (National Headquarters)
17. Talihina, Oklahoma
18. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
19. Saylorsburg, Pennsylvania
20. York, South Carolina
21 Dover, Tennessee
22. Houston, Texas
23. Waco, Texas
24. Fairfax, Virginia
25. Falls Church, Virginia
26. Meherrin, Virginia
27. Red House, Virginia
28. Roanoke, Virginia
29. Bethany, West Virginia
30. Onalaska, Washington

Refugee Muslim Communities
Several transplant communities where Shariah compliant refugees from the Middle East or North Africa are settling are described below. With such widespread settlements the Constitutional rights of US citizens are threatened without forceful protection by local officials or law enforcement. Several of these refugee communities are mentioned below. Maine and Minnesota have financially generous welfare programs so many refugee and immigrant Muslims settle in those places.

Lewiston, Maine
Town population is 40.000. Somali population is 6,000. There is cultural turbulence , as the Mayor insists that refugees fit in with town’s culture. Mayor repeats this demand more than once. Some longer term residents are displeased that more Somalis plan to settle in City because they put pressure on scarce welfare resources.

Dearborn, Michigan
As of this writing there were reportedly 40,000 Muslim Arabs from Lebanon, Iraq, and Yemen out of a total Dearborn population of about 100,000. At a June 26, 2012 Muslim Arab Festival an angry mob of Muslims shouted obscenities which was captured on video, and threw rocks. eggs, garbage and other debris at Christians who were peaceably assembled in a religious demonstration . Rocks that hit Christian demonstrators injured them, with noticeable bleeding. The police informed the Christian demonstrators that they must leave or be arrested. Even though police should have been aware of the expected tensions based on the prior year’s protest and violent Muslim reaction at that time, still claimed to be understaffed and unable to protect the demonstrators. Plenty of available additional officers were visibly standing by in the video furnishing no protection to the protestors who were peaceably assembled. The protestors were arrested denying them their Constitutional rights.

Similar arrests had taken place the year before, and the protestors had been cleared of any blame. But the out of control Muslim mob was not cited, and clearly committed an outrageous display of anger and violence that should not have been tolerated by law enforcement.

The local officials are seemingly under intimidation by the Muslim crowds, and failed to perform the protection, and prevention activities expected by any ordinary person. Regardless , the Christian demonstrators were denied their constitutional rights, and the police were derelict in their duty.

Christians were sent to jail for passing out religious literature. Muslim’s violent behavior, rock throwing ,etc with no punishment, arrests, etc. Christians prohibited from using megaphones by police. Police succumbed to mob Muslim rule.\

Dearborn is second largest Islamist Arab community outside the Middle East, largely Shiite Muslims.

Michigan General
Overall , there are reported to be about 300,000 Muslims in Michigan. Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) negotiated prayer associations for Muslim students after student Christian literature had been banned. Hezbollah is located in Dearborn as is Al Mabarat “charitable organization” named in funding Hezbollah. Other terrorist groups reportedly in Michigan: al Qaeda, Hamas, Muslim Brotherhood and al-Gama” at al Islamyya. McDonalds must serve Shariah compliant food. Christians treated as second class citizens.

Little Rock Arkansas

The Islamic Center for Human Excellence , a branch of Nation of Islam based in Little Rock, is approved by the local government to build an Islamic Community to include a mosque, a school, 22 homes and a call to prayer five times a day over city loudspeakers. Their Imam Aquil Hamidulla says the goal is to have a “clean city”. Alcohol is prohibited which means Shariah law is expected.

Hamtranck, Michigan

One third of population is Muslim. Call to prayer five times a day on City’s loudspeakers. Muslims make up half of City Council.

Syrian Refugees

30,000 will be settling in future months.

Minneapolis, Minn

Somali cabbies refuse to drive with alcohol and seeing eye/handicapped aid dogs accompanying customers.
Somalis show no desire to assimilate.

Shelbyville, Tennessee

Somali refugees settled here. There were serious culture change problems. 17,000 population. 400-1000 Somalis. Tyson company ( chicken processing plant) was under pressure to change Labor Day to Muslim Day, and did, but later reversed decision. The incident made people aware of the lasting change in culture. The City is doing its best to make things work. Somalis lack interest in assimilating.

Tenets of Shariah law

In the following section are described a number of compulsory tenents of Shariah Law which are to be practiced by all adherents to Islam and which would replace entirely the US Constitution, US law and the Declaration of Independence. These tenets are located at pages 43 through 64 of “Shariah: The Threat to America” by the Center for Security Policy.

1. Democracy and Islam

Man made law ( i.e. The US Constitution) is illicit under Islamic law. Allah has already furnished the law and it is Shariah. Man made Constitution and democracy cannot co exist in harmony with Shariah. Shariah and the Constitution are mutually exclusive.

2. Female gender mutilation. Circumcision is mandatory.

3. Gender inequality. Woman’s testimony before judge worth half that of a man. Women receive one half the inheritance of that of men. Muslim men given permission in Koran to beat wives, Men are given right by Allah to commit marriage rape as they please. Muslim men permitted to marry up to four wives and to keep concubines of any number. Women allowed to marry one man and he must be Muslim. A woman may not travel outside home without the permission of her male guardian. And must be accompanied by a male family member if she does so. To bring a claim of rape under Shariah a Muslim woman must present four male Muslim witnesses in good standing. Islam therefore, places the burden of avoiding illicit sexual experiences totally on the woman, Women who cannot produce the four requisite witnesses is admitting guilt to illicit sex. A Muslim woman who divorces and remarries loses custody of children from the previous marriage, because her new marriage will create new obligations to the new husband who she must have time to perform.

4. “Honor” Killing (Muslim family executions). A Muslim parent faces no legal penalty under Islamic law for murdering his child or grandchild and not subject to any retaliation.

5. Islamic Supremacism. Belief that Islam is supreme for every other culture, faith, government and society and that it is ordained by Allah to conquer and dominate them. “And whoever desires a religion other that Islam,it shall not be accepted by him, and in the hereafter he shall be one of the losers” (Q3:85)

6. Hatred of Jews. Anti semitism in intrinsic to Shariah and is based on the behavior of the prophet himself in wiping out the entire Jewish population of Arabian Peninsula. “Do not take the Jews and Christians for friends for they are friends but to each other and whoever amongst you who takes them for a friend, then surely he is one of them; surely Allah does not guide the unjust people””(Q 5:51).

7. Jihad. “Fight and kill the disbelievers wherever you find them and seize them, beleaguer them, and lie in wait for them in every stratagem of war..” (Q:2:65).

8. Lying /Taqiyya. It is permissible for a Muslim to lie,especially to a non Muslim to safeguard himself personally or to protect Islam. “He who makes peace among the people by inventing good information or saying good things, is not a liar”. (Buckari Vol 3:857, p. 533)

9. Blasphemy/slander. In Shariah slander means something that might offend a Muslim, even if it is true.

10. Underage marriage. Islamic doctrine allows the marriage of pre-pubescent girls. There is no minimum age for a marriage contract and consummation can take place when the girl is eight or more.

After more than three decades of radical Islamist terrorism, the geographic scope, incursions, density, threat diversity, proximity and lethality of terrorism have all increased. With the exception of drone strikes and the field performance of our military in Afghanistan, all of our intelligence, security screening by TSA and counter terrorism efforts are not effective enough in blocking the terrorists’ advances.

As a consequence terrorists are closer and greater in number today than ever before. Home grown terrorists, stealthy infiltration into the US by Hezbollah cells, immigrating refugees from the Middle East and African countries and others comprise yet another set of terrorist threats. The fact that the terrorist threat at home is greater is a major failure of our government.

What does all this mean about the state of the US war on terrorism? Unfortunately for Americans, the status and outlook are not all that good. Terrorism and the number of radical Islamists is spreading and getting ever so much closer to us today. A serious self inventory of our strategy and tactics should be undertaken right away. It is very late in the day.

Letters received from our elected representatives that respond to recommendations for more effective and aggressive actions against radical Islamists express concern also about “religious extremism” that promotes violence. Such responses retreating somewhat also indicate that the founder’s believed that people of all religious faiths should be able to practice their faiths freely. While that is a vintage American ideal, and I share the same thought, it sorely misses the point that Islamism is not a “religion” rather a “political movement” against all “infidels” or “non believers” in Islam.

That being said, the Islamism ways of the Muslim Brotherhood(MB) and their associated Brothers and activist supporters, are devoted adherents to a tenacious Muslim Brotherhood vision and a mission referred to commonly as “Civilization Jihad.” By use of “Civilization Jihad”, the Muslim Brotherhood and its Brothers and activist Muslim adherents vehemently push and pressure, seeking surrender from individuals, key organizations or an entire society of individuals until they succumb and surrender to “civilization jihad”, and accept Shariah . Citizens and our government should not faint from such aggression, but rather should push back vehemently.

Following this line of thinking the MB has openly declared that its objective is to eliminate and destroy America from within by its own hand, and to ultimately place all of America and its inhabitants exclusively under Shariah. At that point Americans will have totally surrendered to Sharia Law, and the US Constitution, its laws, its freedoms and its liberties will by then have been be eliminated.

Sound far fetched? Well, already the Muslim Brotherhood and its associated Brothers and activist adherents , have burrowed their way into the highest levels the Obama administration. They have been given the authority to review federal DHS FBI/DOJ/DOD/Intelligence records and insist that any of these records which are “offensive to Muslims” be purged.

The fact that these records may contain truthful and valuable insights and characterizations is irrelevant to their purging as long as they are “offensive to Muslims”. And that is what has happened and is still occurring! Voluminous confidential and sensitive FBI records with valuable observations, descriptions, judgments, insights and conclusions by federal personnel regarding radical Islamism and terrorist activities are now also subject to purging, if deemed by the government or the Muslim Brotherhood, its Brothers or adherents to be “offensive” to Muslims.

This ceding of power over the purging of classified or sensitive content of original government records to avoid “offending Muslims” is incomprehensible. It is also a prime example of the way that the Muslim Brotherhood operates to achieve the ultimate elimination and destruction of existing or prior institutions, freedoms, liberties and laws. It is a gradual grinding and continuing rigorous process, and at the end of it you can never go back.

If America is to be saved in the long run it must be aware of the Muslim Brotherhood’s chilling strategic plan , vision, and methods, and tenaciously resist them. Reportedly, in 2011 Shariah law had been referred to in 27 court cases, in 23 states in the US. This number will only increase as the Muslim population increases, and grows bolder in their demands.

The Muslim Brotherhood also seeks the establishment ( return to) of a Caliphate or Islamic State which is the focal point of the ruling power and is headed by a Caliph.

So will the US retain its integrity and sovereignty as a political body, its Constitutional guarantees, its own laws, and its own institutions, freedoms, religious tolerance, gender equality, racial equality, an economic system of free enterprise capitalism, tolerance of sexual orientation, free speech, etc.? That all depends on how the American people and their local, state and federal governments respond as a society to these extremist policies, laws and advances.

One thing our founders did not do I believe is suspend their common sense when they created these brilliant political constructs. They did not design our government I believe so that is could be brought down by “Civilization Jihad” for example or by adhering truthfully to those very values and ideals that are embedded in the Declaration of Independence and US Constitution. Therefore if we find ourselves headed for our demise as a nation resulting in part or totally from the exercise of the our country’s highest aspirations as contained within these highly coveted governing documents, we must immediately reexamine our fundamental concepts in dealing with Islamism , and alter our strategic paradigm in responding. The seeds of a solution hopefully rest somewhere in this letter. If not, an answer must be sought elsewhere before it’s too late.

To inject another thought here in dealing with both the silent and overt violence from Islamism. What do you suppose sets apart and distinguishes two Muslim political and religious paradigms as significant in their beliefs as night and day as the philosophy of Dr. Juhdi Jasser, a physician and a practicing Muslim from Phoenix, Arizona who immigrated to the United States with his parents from his youth from Syria to escape a totalitarian regime, seek freedom, and who loves the US Constitution for all that it stands.

Dr. Jasser is the Founder and President of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy and believes in the “separation of mosque and state”. Jasser seeks to provide an American Muslim voice advocating for the preservation of the founding principles of the US Constitution, Liberty and Freedom through the “separation of mosque and state”. Dr. Jasser also seeks to counter political Islamism, the ideology that fuels radical Islamists. Jasser’s work strives to instill the ideals of freedom and liberty in young Muslim adults to inoculate them against the viral threat of political Islamism.

And then there are the religious and political constructs of the Muslim Brotherhood and the Council of Islamic-American Relations (CAIR), who would commit an entire nation and even the world and its inhabitants to a complete subjugation under the intolerance of Shariah , and which employs both Islamism’s radical “violent jihad” terrorism and “Civilization Jihad”, the later strategy undermining and destroying from within the freedoms and liberties of nations and all humanity, and thereby suffocates them all under accusations of “Islamophobia” and “McCarthy era witch hunts” dare any citizen speak out the truth of this virulent form of political Islamism.

The key to the US Constitution’s “tolerance of religion” test is embodied in both of these completely different ideations of Islam and Islamism. Since one must conclude that the “separation of mosque and state’ is a fundamental and indispensable principle in preventing the demise of America’s very existence by Islamism.

In concluding, the answer to our dilemma seems to rest in dividing Islamism into its two elemental components 1. A Religious component meaning the Koran’s reading and the mosque’s religious activities of prayer and clerical Koran based teachings and 2. Political Islamism component consisting of subduing into surrender ( “violent jihad” and “civilization jihad”), and governing (including the Caliphate, Caliph and Shariah Law). It is noted that the mosque serves both the religious and political components.

In this dual construct, the “religious component” is the object of free speech and protection under the First Amendment, while the innately more violent and forceful tendencies of the “Political dimension” of Islamism must be held in check.

As observed in the preceding, these are perilous days for our nation. The threats are great and our resources limited. Vigilance and unwavering use of intelligent and common sense policies and practices are urgently and seriously required in the conduct of our Nation’s business. This unfortunately is not frequently happening.

It is for this reason that many of us citizens to protect our own personal interests and security are focusing increased attention on our national and domestic security policies and practices, which brings to the forefront the Executive Branch’s shocking dealings with individuals and organizations, complex in nature, like the Muslim Brotherhood, its members, Brothers, sympathizers and organizations.

As discussed, the Muslim Brotherhood has openly declared as a fundamental mission its abiding plan to take over America from within, and for the installation of Shariah Law, which ultimately would replace the US Constitution and subjugate the entire US population to fundamental Islam and Shariah as the governing doctrines, replacing all other laws and historical US rights and freedoms. There is almost complete agreement by knowledgeable individuals everywhere on this point about Muslim Brotherhood intentions, and sound evidence exists to support this conclusion.

Again, the strategy being actively pursued with tenacity and discipline by the Muslim Brotherhood and its affiliated Brothers and other activist Muslims is called “Civilization Jihad”, to contrast it with “Violent Jihad” which is also used by radical Brotherhood factions but not at this time in America. Instead, the Muslim Brotherhood has chosen “Civilization Jihad” for use in subduing and ultimately bringing the existing American institutions to a close, including its laws and Constitutional rights and freedoms.

“Violent jihad” is the chosen strategy for use by the Muslim Brotherhood in Muslim nations in the Middle East and North Africa where Muslim religious Islam is already cemented but political objectives of the Brotherhood are not—which is the ultimate world wide domination by the Brotherhood through a single Caliphate. And therein is the fundamental difference in Islam from other pure religions. Islam is more than just a religion. It is a political ideology as well, with clearly defined political dimensions and components. We must recognize this major distinction in America and adjust our communication policies and legal interpretations to address this radical form of political ideology to protect our interests and national security.

For a number of years during the George W Bush presidency, and with a very marked increase during the Obama presidency, radical and fundamental Islamists have been given Homeland Security, foreign policy, intelligence, military, law enforcement and Justice advisory positions at the highest levels of the Executive Branch. In these roles activist Muslims assertively promote the purging of federal records and establish the standard lexicon to use when referring to Muslims or Islam within the government. This type of inside vantage point and influence is unheard of in contemporary US government policy making, and is highly problematic for America and the American People. For example, we do not see a comparable Vatican influence or even an interest in one at the top levels of the Obama administration with the purpose of analyzing gonernment lexicon and advising on speech regarding Catholicism and Christianity in government. Why not?

In effect, the Muslim Brotherhood has been allowed to call the shots on the government’s defining lexicon for the war on terror. What is happening as a result is that the target of the Islamic and terrorist threat is being clouded and dimmed and replaced with vague and imprecise terms like “violent extremism” so that the true enemy—radical Islamic Shariah inspired violence and terrorism –has become too vague and dim to identify. This is a dangerous development which is misleading for counter terrorism targeting and capture or kill purposes thereby setting the stage for the a “numbing down” of America’s sensitivity to and targeting of the real enemy.

Another Muslim organization that has its roots in terrorism is the Council on Islamic-American Relations (CAIR). CAIR was founded by Hamas, the Middle East Palistinian organization. Hamas fuels most if not all of the turmoil against Israel by firing rockets into Israel, and terrorizing Isaelis at every turn. In America, CAIR plays the role of muzzling any expression by anyone trying to voice any discontent with Islam or the US Muslim movement. CAIR therefore acts as the speech police in America, promoting the use of terms such as “Islamophobia” or “McCarthy era witch hunt” to respond to any anti-Islamic or anti- Muslim criticism or discussions in the US, even though such criticism or discussions are truthfully driven and necessary for investigative and counterterrorism activities. CAIR as well as the Muslim Brotherhood works hard to shutoff any constructive debate in America that may not place Islam or Muslims in a favorable light. Americans must wage an aggressive counter campaign against any attempt by these Islamic organizations to suppress free speech in this country.

In the book Impeachable Offenses ,The Case for Removing Barack Obama from Office by Klein and Elliott these two incidences are addressed:

One significant example where the inside Muslim influence at the highest levels of the Obama administration was instrumental in perpetrating a terrible and stunning evasion of the truth was to classify the Fort Hood massacre by the Islamic radicalized military psychiatrist Major Nidal Hassan as “work place violence” instead of a “battlefield incident” caused by “ radical Islamic terrorism”. Hassan received his radicalization from an Islamic cleric at the Dar Al-Hijrah mosque in Falls Church, VA named Anwar al- Awlaki who is now an assassinated radical cleric. At the same time Nadal attended this mosque two of the 9/11 hijackers were also attending. Yet Obama told Americans those now famous and repeated words “don’t jump to conclusions ”, thereby playing down Islamic inspired causes for the rampage at Ft Hood. Americans must resist this highly misleading policy of refusing to level with the American people, and understand that their government is being untruthful. Hassan had climbed up on a desk and as he poured bullets in the direction of the crowd he shouted “Allah Akbar”. Thirteen were killed, 30 injured. Not a war zone? Not Islamic inspired terrorism?. Who is Obama trying to fool with this absolute charade ?

The enemy we face is quite clear—even though the Obama administration subverts the truth to avoid any complaints from his inside Muslim Brotherhood and also CAIR advisors.

Another circumstance that can lead to unclear or conflicted reactions is when there is someone of trust with strong Muslim Brotherhood connections working at a high level of the administration where critical and sensitive intelligence, foreign policy or national defense policies and decisions are made. This would be the case of Huma Abedin who served as Hillary Clinton’s Deputy Chief of Staff, whose mother (Salcha Abedin) and now deceased father ( professor Syed Abedin) had ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. Also, Huma Abedin reportedly worked along side Abdullah Omar Naseef, who was secretary general for the then Muslim World League which was declared by the US Government to be an official al Qaeda front. So what are we to think?

Should Abedin have received a security clearance (assuming she did) to work for Hillary Clinton as State Dept Secretary and been allowed to perform a job at this level or not? Were there any significant personal biases or conflicts of interest on either Clinton’s or Huma Abedin’s parts that might have compromised national security or influenced Clinton or other administration officials, or even the president for that matter? Such as utilizing, partnering with or supporting the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria or elsewhere due to close personal ties with the Brotherhood through Abedin and other Brotherhood sympathizers, which has a radical history with ties to terrorists, and has a domestic US agenda as previously described ( I,e. “Civilization Jihad”) that may harm US fundamental principles and national security. Is there more long term harm in close and vulnerable relationships with the Muslim Brotherhood, that might harm the US and the American people?

Has the US government evaded addressing the ‘Elephant in the Room”—the scandalous intrusion and undue influence of a special interest group of Muslim Brotherhood and related activist Muslim advisors at the highest levels of our government who have access to classified files in several highly sensitive Departments, including DHS, FBI, military, and intelligence. It is now clear that these activist Muslim advisors have literally pushed for and influenced these departments, at least the FBI ,to purge voluminous records from their files because why? They were “offensive “to Muslims! As far as most Americans will be concerned these Muslim Brotherhood advisors should never have been placed by Mr. Obama and his top officials in such sensitive positions, and in so doing, based on the Muslim Brotherhood’s strategies and principles of “Civilization Jihad” to wreck havoc in America, have surrendered in effect to the enemy, and eradicated any trace of evidence which this enemy or agents of this enemy decided were “offensive” to Muslims.

The entire activist Islamism movement, including it strategies and tactics must be re examined in light of current insights, and a new plan drawn up that addresses the Muslim Brotherhood’s announced strategy in the US and the infiltration into America of terrorist groups and refugees with potential terrorist motives.

Very truly yours,

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