Muslim Brotherhood in America

There is a leftist liberal mindset in this country which is blind to the undercurrents of the Muslim brotherhood and its many faces that are currently undermining and hollowing out the American values including the Constitution and would gladly substitute sharia law. However the MB is smart enough to know that it will take a long time as long as educated Americans on this subject stand up and fight back against the undermining Muslim brotherhood and their front groups such as the Muslim Students Association and CAIR. The MB therefore is undertaking a long-term radicalization strategy in the US and for the time being violent jihad has been replaced by civilization Jihad. The MB has a long-term strategy to infiltrate society, educational institutions, medical institutions, government institutions and influence the highest levels of society before they pull the trigger of violent jihad and radicalization. Left wing ideology which links itself to radical Islam and joins in similar causes and protests are currently self reinforcing. The fundamental Muslim community adheres to the Muslim brotherhood strategy and looks forward to the day that sharia law replaces the American Constitution. Don’t look for this to happen overnight –it is a long-term process, gradual and incremental, but nonetheless is as real as the air we breathe. There are clear similarities between the characteristic forces of the Muslim brotherhood on the one hand and the extremist liberal progressives on the other – both are rooted in fascism. Both are also rooted in intolerance for other viewpoints, the vantage point of supremacy and ultimately acts of violence to achieve their objectives. The ironic part of this mutually supporting agenda is that the liberal progressives are on the menu of radical Islam and will be consumed by it in the end.

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