Wahhabi radicalized Islam takes deeper root in American ideological soil

Wahhabism, the national religion of Saudi Arabia was founded 250 years ago in Saudi Arabia. At that time the Saudi Monarchy, the Royal Family, entered into an agreement with the religious leaders of Wahhabism to leave the religion alone in exchange for a peace agreement that would protect the Royal Family against upheaval caused by the Wahhabi’s. 250 years later this agreement still remains in effect.

Wahhabism is a highly radicalized version of Islam. Wahhabi teachings are rooted in Mohammed’s version of the Koranic texts and preaches Anti-western and anti-American hate. Wahhabi followers both fund and preach violent jihad including death to Christians and Jews and is strongly anti-women’s rights and anti-homosexuality and demands strict obedience to the Koranic texts.

With the assistance and support of the Royal Family billions of dollars have been channeled into the US to build Wahhabi schools which are called Madrasas, which teach and preach the extremist ideology of radical Islam.

As a result, radical Islam is taking deeper root in the US promoted by the royal family of Saudi Arabia and the Wahhabi’s. It is estimated that 80% of all mosques in the United States are funded by Saudi Arabia. It is further estimated that today there are 2100 Islamic centers scattered around the US at strategic locations where they serve as not only religious but also logistical centers for future jihad acts against America.

This influx and invasion of the US of extremist Islamic ideology through the Wahhabi movement is taking place at a rapid pace as its tentacles take root in American ideological soil.

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