Allah goes to school in America

Some time ago Carol Brown writing in the American Thinker authored an article titled “Allah in our schools”.

This article becomes increasingly more important with every passing day because the problem it identifies increases dramatically with time.

It tells the story of how American jihad takes it stunning toll on America’s schools under the hand of The Muslim Brotherhood and fronts including the Council of American -Islamic Relations (CAIR). Of how Islamic radicalism infiltrates the minds of our children under the guise of the “peaceful” religion of Islam. In a nation with a strong and deep history of Judeo – Christian values and the doctrine of the separation of church and state it is frightful that Islamic doctrine has bur roughed its way into the K – 12 school system. Shockingly all the following have take place in our schools:

1. The five pillars of Islam are taught.
2. Students are required to recite “all people must submit to Allah,” “there is no God but Allah,” and Allah is great” among other Muslim prayers.
3. Lesson plans involve Shariah law, polygamy and burqas.
4. Students are taught Muslims worship the same God as Christians and Jews.
5. Schoolbooks include the Muslim call to prayer, glorify Islam, denigrate Christians and Jews and describe Mohammed as a wise spiritual leader. The Koran and history teaches us that this is anything but the truth.
6. Lessons teach more about Islam than any other faith.
7. Lessons teach that terrorists must be called “freedom fighters”.
8. Muslim students are given special privileges students of other faiths are not afforded, including being allowed to leave the classroom several times a day to pray.
9. Muslim clerics, members of CAIR and representatives from Islamic centers visit classrooms to observe and lecture.
10. Koran’s are introduced into the classroom.

The list goes on. In a nation based on the separation of state and church there is no place for any of these religious infestations. Because Mohammed was both a statesman and a prophet Islam integrates its political and religious natures which clashe directly and dramatically with American constitutional values. Therein lies one of the most difficult puzzles confronting the US in its fight against the incursion of jihad in America.

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