Extremist forms of radical Islam invade American soil

The thrusting tentacles of radical Islam are taking root in America for the long-term journey – a journey which thousands of imams and the Muslim Brotherhood supported by the Brotherhood’s adherents, Muslim Students of America (MSA) and the Hamas rooted Council of American Islamic Relations(CAIR) are determined to complete on a schedule they are achieving with remarkable accuracy, the death of the ultimate American dream.

The Brotherhood as 1991 evidence proves, is embarked on a “civilization jihad” through which it will hollow out and destroy America with its own hand from within. In other words it will use American democracy and the Constitution as its own leverage to destroy America from within to be supplanted with sharia law. In addition to the Brotherhood and its numerous front groups another deadly strain of the most radical and fundamental variation of radical Islam in the world has been infiltrating the US at a rapid pace for a number of years. This variation of radical Islam is Wahhabism which is being brought to the US by Saudi Arabia funding and which foresees for itself the ultimate violent Jihad on American soil.

250 years ago a small upstart Wahhabi religion in Saudi Arabia entered into an agreement with the Royal Family of Saudi Arabia to never disrupt the Royal Family and its national ambitions for Saudi Arabia in exchange for a promise of funding to be provided by the Royal Family to the Wahhabi religion. This 250 year agreement is still in effect and we see the results of it as Wahhabism and its schools called Madrassas are taking root on American soil. Besides, Saudi Arabia funds approximately 80% of all mosques constructed in the US (the largest of these mosques are called Islamic Centers of which there are approximately 2100 in existence). These centers are sparsely populated and are viewed more as logistical centers where food and weapons will be stored for the ultimate jihad. All the while America stands by idle and asleep at the wheel as the Muslim brotherhood and Saudi Arabia via Wahhabism, take aim at the final days of American democracy and freedom, to be supplanted by Sharia on the end day.

From this it can be seen that America is under siege by radical Islam of the most extreme forms and unless America wakes up and resists these wars on American ideals, America will finally be in a state of surrender which will destroy it for good.

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