The Koran IS the problem

In listening to Morning Joe this week, Joe Scarborough in reference to Trump said he could never vote for a man who wanted to bar anyone from coming to the United States because of the God they believed in. Joe was referring to Muslims and the ban proposed by Trump against further migration until we can figure out what was going in specific reference to jihadists who are part of these immigration flows. Furthermore, in regard to Allah the God of Islam as interpreted by Mohammed, this is an angry, intolerant, supremacist and violent god who requires the most of inhumane acts on anyone who does not believe in the violent and intolerant doctrine of the Koran. If there is any reason to bar people for the “god” they believe in it would be the Muslims for their belief in the hateful doctrine of Allah as revealed in the Quran. The Koran and those who profess and practice it literally are anti-American in their political-religious beliefs, and are bent on destroying the American way of life including the Constitution, its freedoms and liberties. Islam in pure form as practiced by mainstream fundamentalists,radicals and those who sympathize with them are treasonous and should be deported without hesitation and never be admitted to our shores in the first place.

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