Trump’s nondisclosure of his Federal Income tax returns

Donald Trump is under increasing pressure from the Democrats to disclose his federal income tax returns. Trump has refused to disclose his returns citing as a reason that he is being audited currently by the IRS. It is fair and accurate to say that there is no legal reason why someone including Trump cannot disclose his tax returns during an audit by the Internal Revenue Service. Whether disclosure by Trump would be a wise decision is his to make under the current circumstances and he cannot be forced to do so. If he does not disclose his returns there will be serious questions about the content of those tax returns. For example whether it will show that no charitable deductions or low charitable deductions have been made. Whether or not what is considered sufficient taxes have been paid or not. Whether or not the failure or lack of success of certain businesses which have been reported on have failed or been less than successful. In any event it appears that Trump is concerned that the disclosure of his tax return will spawn endless questions that he chooses not to answer and considers to be his own business even though he is a candidate for the president. Even though Trump cannot be forced to disclose his tax returns such as under a freedom of information act disclosure law one can only speculate as to why Trump finds it unwise or not in his interest to disclose his returns. As long as these returns are not disclosed questions will persist about the reasons for not disclosing them and Trump will be subjected to continuous pressure by the Democrats and voters will continue to speculate what might be wrong with Trump’s financial dealings which may be found distasteful to the electorate.

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