Hillary Clinton’s shady and corrupt political and financial dealings

Anyone willing to face reality can now acknowledge Hillary Clinton’s deceitful, lying, and even lethal behavior in order to achieve her political aims. Probably the most heinous example of these deep character flaws emerges from the Benghazi attacks and murders, which occurred leading up to the September 11, 2012 attacks on the diplomatic facilities and CIA annex in Benghazi, the events during the attack when there was a complete failure to respond to the attacks and then in the aftermath when George Bush lied to the American people and the families of four murdered Americans that the attacks were the spontaneous result of a Mohammed video produced in California which made its way into the Internet.

With astronomical unpopular ratings she continues to hang on to the first spot in the Democratic race for the presidential nomination. She has exhibited the ability to avoid catastrophe in her political career by sheer miracles

One of her’s and Bill Clinton’s cesspool achievements is the operation of the Clinton Foundation. For a number of years, including Hillary’s tenure as Secretary of State, the Clinton’s have been involved in a money laundering scheme which is shocking and criminal. They have used their foundation as a money laundering scheme in which major donations by foreign and domestic contributors have been made in exchange for favors, including actions that have required and received State Department approval even during her tenure as Secretary of State. These quid pro quo deals are on the dark side and involve transfer of uranium interests in American businesses to Russia and favors to Clinton cronies even those with interests in for-profit enterprises. The Clinton’s made multiple millions of dollars through the crooked operation of their foundation and have been paid shocking speaking fees to organizations both foreign and domestic who have relied on the Clinton foundation for favors involving influence peddling and United States government actions.

The operation of foundation is the subject of a new documentary film titled “Clinton Cash” to be released very soon in time for the Democratic convention. This is a must-see film which will explain and expose the corrupt practices of the foundation including Hillary’s role in these transactions.

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