Whatever happened to America’s Quality Revolution ?

How quickly do we forget the lessons that brought us rapid advantages in our businesses in America. Many may have forgotten the major advancements in customer focus and continuous business process improvement that emerged from the lessons learned from the Japanese industries back in the late 1980s and 1990s. This was the period of the Quality Revolution that swept across America like a wildfire during this period. Work processes from office routines to manufacturing processes were carefully observed and recorded and flaws eliminated by CEOs, management teams and employees who bought into and invested in both heightened customer focus and continuous improvement in the enterprise. Just in time inventory and the Toyota production model were studied and implanted across industry boundaries. Almost overnight this emphasis rather than being hard wired into American businesses seemed to whimper away into the night. And we wonder why jobs are disappearing overseas by the millions and entire industries die. If American enterprises are going to compete and excellence is to become the hallmark of our businesses we must reinstall these virtuous processes into our corporate model again as conceived by the author of Total Quality Management, Edwards Deming.

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