Briexit-A geopolitical tectonic shift begins

With its exit from the EU Britain has likely set in motion a domino effect that will erupt into a geopolitical tectonic display of nationalism comparative in scale to the Arab Spring in the Middle East and North Africa.

The exit of the U.K.will likely be mirrored by change in the US which like the UK has been suffocated by leftist anchors of regulations and bureaucracy which have devastated the free will and innovative instincts of the populist.

This event will create an eruption across the globe among freedom seeking nations who have been tethered to a smothering jungle of complex controls which have held them back.

Another cornerstone factor in Britain’s exit from the EU is uncontrolled immigration and in particular the unassimilated masses of sharia adhering Muslims who have changed the cultural landscape of Britain.

The rippling effects are impossible to predict precisely however France and other EU nations are candidates for future breakouts. This is another historic era which will define the nature of global structures.

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