Everyone deserves equal rights under the First Amendment

It was with disdain and disappointment that I read Rem Rieder’s article in USA Today titled “Combating anti-Muslim rhetoric not an easy task”.

My initial and then abiding reaction to Mr. Rieder’s op Ed is why are we devoting any time to anti blasphemy Sharia matters when we are governed by the First Amendment right to free speech in this nation ? Why should Muslims be singled out for protection from anti Muslim rhetoric when the Koran, Hadiths and Sharia are replete with a virulence to other faiths, homosexuals , rights of women and governing structures and principles such as the United States Constitution. My conclusion is that we should treat speech against Muslim supremacism and intolerance and its rhetoric against other religions ,women and homosexuals the same as the First Amendment test as other political and religious doctrines. By all means do not allow the followers of the Islamic texts any freedoms or advantages not conferred on others in US society.

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