The dark side of what it means to be progressive

For my entire life until a few short years ago the meaning of the word “progressive ” was something positive. To me it meant building on prior learning and knowledge to make progress into yet unchartered waters -to make progress in the means by which society gets stronger and better. It really had nothing to do with moral and political meanings to me. Life’s moral and ethical values were pretty much constant and well defined. Progressiveness had everything to do with incremental improvements in our society’ s modernity nothing to do with its sexual orientation or attempted normalization of unnatural or untypical behaviors. Apparently along the ways of life I had totally missed the point that “progressiveness” meant the destruction or mutilation of society’s traditional mores and values -alas the very nature of things and the meaning of life itself and of the governing philosophies and structures.

Now I know that to be progressive means to hate the status quo and to twist and mutilate it until it succumbs to disfigured irreparable forms of behavior, values and ethics. Progressiveness is something to fight and oppose with lethal verbal attacks and enormous
protests. It is something to be destroyed if not rechanneled.

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