HIllary,her corruption and lies

Democrats are blinded by their feelings. They are perfectly accepting and supporting of a candidate who has shown that she cannot be trusted with our country’s most precious treasures -our citizens and our national secrets. Not only does Hillary Clinton openly expose her lowly character traits she and Bill also are not beyond selling America’s precious resources such as uranium to our rivals in Russia. She used her position as Secretary of State to enable the approval of deals that passed through the money laundering Clinton Foundation channeling hundreds of millions of dollars into that corrupted “charitable” entity.

Her refusal to protect the Benghazi ambassador’s compound after multiple requests from Ambassador Stevens for more security led ultimately to Steven’s murder at the hands of jihadists who destroyed the compound and murdered four Americans ,including Stevens. Clinton then lied repeatedly to the American people in the aftermath of the well organized attacks claiming that the assault was the spontaneous result of an offensive Muhammad video produced and shown on the Internet-a well planned lie to politically protect Obama two months from the 2012 presidential elections. She then lied in the aftermath to the families of the slain about the cause of the attacks and then helped jail the producer of the video which had nothing to do with the attack in Benghazi.

Clinton also set up and used a private email server for her job at State and compromised numerous national classified information up to and including top secret and has gotten off scott free by the corrupted government manipulation of events.

Hillary Clinton is a lying and corrupt candidate for the top leadership job in our nation and the possibly most powerful job in the world and we should all be scared that she may become the next US president

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