Obama’s continued lying leaves US citizens in the dark

The latest information that Obama used a pseudo name when emailing Clinton is another example of Obama intentionally misleading the American people. This rogue president previously stated that he found out about Hillary Clinton’s private email server when the rest of the American people did via news reports. It now turns out from FBI provided information that Obama had been communicating with Clinton using an email pseudo name. Lying and corruption is now a well-established behavior pattern of the liberal Democrats and progressives who are in charge of the current administration. It is well past the time that these lying politicians be swept from government and that their arrogant period of leadership be ended. Obama has repeatedly lied to the American people in the interests of his own self-serving political image ( e.g.Obamacare, Benghazi, Hillary Clinton’s file Server) and to ensure that the Democrats remain in control of the White House. A thorough and extensive housecleaning is required at the highest levels of government in this administration. The American people have been relegated to a second class of citizens who have been kept in the dark and targeted by the political larceny of Obama and his liberal Democrat administration.

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