America headed for collapse from within

America is on the precipice of financial and social/political collapse. This is a coordinated and intentional outcome caused by progressive and liberal Democrats funded by George Soros and led by Pres. Obama and his far left administration of liberal and international elitist influences pushing for borderless nations under the control of international organizations. During the past 7 1/2 years America’s international strength and internal values and defenses have been weakened seriously by the far left in the Obama administration whose actions are downgrading America’s strengths from within. America is being turned into a haven for anarchists and far left zealots led by progressive puppet masters like George Soros and Pres. Obama and his administration. If the American electorate decides on Clinton as its next president the collapse of American interests and values will progress at a greater rate, the nation will further weaken its traditional values and strengths and fall under the control of a Democrat party monopoly based on the manipulation of demographics by illegal immigration from Mexico and Central America and resettlements from the Middle East and North Africa. The interests of common American citizens will be further eroded and undermined by these progressive forces and outcomes as illegal immigration and refugee settlements burden our social services, schools, welfare, medical services and create multicultural islands of conflict within society.

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