Hillary Clinton : Unqualified to be President

In open mic comments 11 years ago Donald Trump was recorded making sexual comments about women which are publicly unacceptable. Nevertheless millions of American males and females make similar comments when in private company and do not expect their comments to be recorded. These comments by Trump have absolutely nothing to do with his qualifications to turn this country around and while he has apologized for his remarks Trump is not retreating from his position to run for president and turn this country around. In my opinion the entire matter is a diversion by the Democrats away from Hillary Clinton’s incompetent, corrupt and abusive behavior during her almost 30 years of public service.Trump must redirect attention to the failures of Hillary Clinton. Her miserable Benghazi debacle of lies, deception and incompetence including the death of four Americans including our ambassador. Her illegal and/ or incompetent file server use and the destruction and loss of thousands of related emails and the highly classified documents that illegally passed through that server. Clinton’s personal IT workers and assistants who took the Fifth to avoid testimony on fileserver deliberations that were undertaken. Her play for pay Clinton foundation where crooked deals were executed on a quid pro quo basis by donors to the foundation in exchange for favors granted by the Clintons for access to her while she served as Sec of State.. A very crooked arrangement in which America was for sale by the Secretary of State when she was in her position. Her poor judgment in her Middle East policy in Libya , Iraq and Syria. Her failed Russian reset policy the failure of which is still abundantly evident by Russia’s behavior around the world including the Middle East. Her utter failure to lay stake to any achievements of significance in the almost 30 years of her political career. Her immigration policies that permit open borders to the south and the influx of Syrian refugees into the hinterland of America with devastating consequences to the American people. Failure to bring about economic development in the state of New York while she was NY Senator and the collapse of upstate New York from an economic perspective.Clinton’s endless lies,deceptions,failures to protect her people at State and her ongoing corruption clearly disqualifies her from any public office.

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