Putin VS America and Trump–a show of strength

One of the great strategic and tactical political games in the next four years will be the US versus Russia; Trump versus Putin. At this point none of us knows where this game is headed but we have to political opponents who believe in directness and brute force. The central question is can they work things out to the betterment of both nations and the world order. The United States must not flinch when it comes to Russian diplomatic and military policy. The US must be tough in all of his dealings with Russia – you America’s strongest arm must prevail in this arm wrestling contest. Things the US must do to achieve supremacy

1. Cooperate on the destruction of Isis. Be willing not to unseat Bashar al Assad of Syria.

2. Build the missile defense system in Poland and the Czech Republic.

3. Out produce and supply the Russians in oil and gas in the EU until the US becomes the major source of oil and gas supply to the European Union.

4 Rebuild US military strength and reinvigorate NATO’s mission in Eastern Europe and the Balkans.

Russia and Putin will listen only to strength – and strength they must see in American policy.

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