Trump’s Tweet Machine—a powerful connection with the people

Trump is a master of twitter technology. It enables him to stay in touch directly with the voters and bypass the media. It is a strategy and tactic that works for him. Trump cuts to the chase. He does not waste time. He stays in touch with the people at all times. Woe be to the person who goes after Trump for that person will be devastated by Trump’s twitter machine. This has happened over again repeatedly. Trump masters twitter technology to a fine art form. When he gets it wrong he tries it again, and again until he gets it right. While Trump’s tweets are sometimes messy, they always seem to work sometimes sooner than later sometimes just the reverse. But they are effective and direct and they can move mountains. Trump devastates his opponents verbally. Whether he does it by twitter or voice his attacks are lethal and verbal and unfiltered. Trump will continue in my opinion to pursue this strategy and tactic as long as it works, and at this point there seems to be no end in sight.

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