The Trump Factor

California Representative Maxine Waters is a Marxist Democrat legislator who is already suggesting impeachment before Trump even takes office. She will certainly be disappointed to realize that the President Elect has a full schedule which includes the elimination of Obama’s legacy. Coming soon to a local corner will be a glance at what real leadership looks like. With Obamacare uprooted millions of US citizens will again be blessed by decent healthcare at a reasonable cost. The phrase “if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor ” will mean that finally. Job creation will once again mean something. Jobs will be saved from their drain to distant nations. ISIS will be defeated and destroyed. Trade will be on a level playing field. Iran will not reach an atomic weapon capable of destroying America in a few years. We will not fear our rivals rather we we be prepared to confront them if necessary. A wall will envelop the southern border as illegal criminals are deported and illegal immigrants are blocked at the border. In fact there will be a southern border finally. Sanctuary Cities will be defunded . People like Maxine Waters will be ousted from positions of influence. Her scandalous antics will end as will her egregious reign in the weak and mixed up Democratic Party. Radical jihadists will be filtered out as Muslim refugees from Middle Eastern and Northern African war zones are thoroughly vetted.

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