Escalating military threats around the globe

Wargames at sea currently going on in the Middle East Gulf region may be a harbinger of armed conflict in a situation which is heating up dangerously at the present time. The US and its allies are exercising military muscle in the region and the situation is escalating more every day. Now that president Trump is installed in office the days of Iranian military actions in the Gulf region will be meeting a military test unlike anything they saw during the previous Obama administration, with the likelihood of military conflict between Iran and the US/allies heating up. President Trump has strongly condemned the Iranian nuclear agreement which on its face will ensure that the Iranians have a nuclear weapon in approximately 10 years. In addition, Iran is taunting and intimidating shipping in the Gulf region and this will not be tolerated any longer by the Trump administration. This is an increasingly dangerous world in which threats are rising on multiple fronts to US international and national security. China, Iran and radical Islamic terrorism have been emboldened by previous tepid responses by the Obama administration in the South China Sea, and the greater Middle East. However, the situation now appears to be changing under the Trump administration based on more vigorous military displays and on the rhetoric coming from the Oval Office. The American people should make themselves aware of the escalating military threats around the globe which seem to be accelerating every day.

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