Violence in Berkeley ,CA streets intolerable

Left-wing radical violence on the UC Berkeley campus is out of control and must be stopped. These thugs and punks are out of control, creating violence and damaged public property and private property. There appears to be no police resistance to their behavior which is egregious. Trump has threatened to shut off funds to the University if the violence is not brought under control. National defense research currently is in progress at UC Berkeley’s Livermore and main facilities. Any stoppage of funds at Berkeley or the University of California in general should be targeted at specific projects or grants that get to the heart of those principal investigators and scientists hoping to stoke violence on the campus. In other words I suggest that some research be done by the Trump administration before they launch into any funds cut off at the University. Also keep in mind that Janet Nepolitano is the president of the University of California and in all likelihood has done nothing to prevent the rioting and violence because of her liberal hateful viewpoints from the left. The Trump administration should make her presidential seat burn with intimidation if she doesn’t take steps to end the violence and hate speech on campuses within the UC system. She, faculty and administration are all guilty at various levels within the University of California for what we now see in the streets and for the shutdown in certain instances of campus events around the system including education.

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