Bill O’Reily to leave Fox News

Bill O’Riley is in imminent peril of being fired from Fox News where he commands an unmatched record of viewership over the years. He is accused of sexual harassment by several women for which settlements in the amount of approximately $13 million have been paid out by either Fox or Mr. O’Reilly. Recently advertisers have dropped the show cutting into advertising revenue at Fox news. O’Riley is currently on vacation until April 24. Nevertheless it is likely he will not return as a majority of the Rupert Murdoch family who runs the Empire favors seeing O’Riley leave. In my opinion this will be a major blow to the ratings of Fox News and the substance of reporting as O’Riley articulates the issues of the day in an outstanding way, and has been an activist for good causes throughout his Fox career raising money for veterans and other causes and being willing to take on the establishment in a direct candid manner. Just what O’Riley’s future career may be is an unknown at this time.

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