Poland to stop influx of Middle East refugees

In order to avoid the ravages of Middle Eastern refugees which has been experienced by Western Europe, Poland will be refusing to admit Islamic refugees into the country. Poland wishes to avoid the multicultural bloodbath which Western European nations have encountered by their refugee policies. In the United States president Trump’s travel ban is still under judicial review but in my opinion the court of final opinion at the Supreme Court will hopefully come down in favor of Trump and his travel ban on the Middle East. Even though pro-Islamic refugee influxes were admitted by the Obama administration, and the Muslim population in this country is increasing, the US still has a chance to avoid the mayhem of radical Islamic cultural objectives in this country which is to implement sharia law and see the US become a caliphate of Islam. It will take hard work to beat back the instincts of radical Islam in the US since adherence to political Islam have increased significantly over the past 10 years in the US. However the numbers are still under reasonable control and efforts should be undertaken to put further restraints on the number of sharia adherent Islamists who are admitted to this country. The birthrate within the Islamic community is substantial, these people refuse to assimilate into American culture, and their political instincts are to undercut the Constitution by imposing sharia law on America.

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