The endangered First Amendment–Free Speech

So why have so many of our universities turned against freedom of conservative speech? For example the most recent anti First Amendment tirade against conservative author-commentator Ann Coulter occurred at what supposedly was the cradle of free speech , the University of California at Berkeley. Rioters and anarchists appear to spearhead these anti free speech movements on Campus unimpeded by local police or even the faculties and administrations of these institutions. These intentional omissions are a travesty for which the University and local city government are culpable.
The cultures on many university campuses have been poisoned by Alt left wing advocates from both outside and within the institutions funded significantly by progressive elitists like George Soros.
Students are intolerant and thin skinned and have invented intolerant conventions like “safe spaces” and “micro aggressions ” to further constrict free speech. These are cowardly acts of intolerance which have no place in our universities.

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