FBI Director Comey’s firing was well deserved at this time

Fox News and in particular Charles Krauthammer is straining to understand the reason why Trump fired FBI director James Comey at this time. In the Fox News and Krauthammer assessment there is a complete failure to recognize the momentum in huge bureaucracies including the time taken to bring matters to a head such as the Comey firing. The crux of Comey’s problem started in July 2016 when he testified on the Clinton email server. Comey in explaining Clinton’s transgressions with respect to having sensitive classified information on her private file server laid out a perfect case for her indictment and then usurped the authority of the prosecutors in the Justice Department when he concluded by indicating that no reasonable prosecutor would bring criminal charges against Clinton because of a lack of intent on her part. Combined with his ill-timed notification days prior to the election that additional classified documents had been found on Anthony Weiner’s laptop PC , a good case was building for his firing. Then the firing of Asst Attorney General Sally Yates for refusing to implement president Trump’s travel ban created a vacancy at the assistant attorney general level which had to be filled. It was Yates replacement at the assistant attorney general position that prepared the lengthy indicting letter to Atty. Gen. Sessions that was then transmitted with a cover letter by Sessions to the president recommending that Comey be fired. For these reasons I believe that the delayed reaction to fire Comey was due to sheer bureaucratic delays and the time required by the new Assistant Attorney General to develop a case in writing that he could present to Atty. Gen. sessions recommending the firing of James Comey .The case for Comey’s firing had been long ago seeded in his unspeakable blunders which finally led to his firing. While some may feel compelled to give former director Comey the benefit of the doubt due to an untenable political situation he found himself in it is eminently clear that he usurped the authority of the prosecutorial function of the Justice Department and broke with tradition in announcing the reopening of the Clinton file server case just days before the election. In my opinion Comey awkwardly attempted to save himself in the political jungle he found himself in and fell victim to the terrible decision of Loretta Lynch the previous Atty. Gen. not to recuse herself from the Clinton investigation which placed the director in an untenable position of substituting himself for the prosecutor’s office of the Justice Department during Lorreta Lynch’s tenure. Comey made poor decisions in difficult and tumultuous times.
Comey exercised terrible judgments and the firing by Trump was well-deserved!

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