Trump rightfully fires Comey–Russian story is old and irrelevant

Pres. Trump rightfully fired former FBI director Comey earlier this week . As soon as the firing took place hypocritical Democrats who previously had been calling for the head of Comey on a platter for reopening Hillary Clinton’s file server investigation days before the November election, have now taken to criticizing Trump for firing Comey in the middle of an investigation of the Trump campaign’s alleged collusion with the Russians in connection with the November election. It is clear that no matter what Trump does he will garner the wrath of the left-wing and even a handful of Republicans as well as the media. The amount of time being spent on investigating and discussing the Russian connections are past the point of usefulness to the American people and have now become a red herring in our political discourse. In addition to giving the Russians more credit they deserve for impacting our political process we are also wasting valuable time discussing the Russians when other serious problems such as North Korea and national security are on the line. The Democrats convert every opportunity into a discussion on Trump and his campaign’s connections with the Russian government, when in fact this is a nonissue which doesn’t deserve any further attention. Both the Democrats and the media have an unquenchable thirst for the Russian story meaning quite clearly that they have no other issues of any importance to push on. The Trump agenda is very active from national security to immigration and the economy. The Democrats have become the party of resistance who are obsessed with the Russian issue. Trump supporters must move on and refuse to take the Democrat’s and media’s bait regarding the topic of Russia.We must move on or remain bogged down in non issues.

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