Root causes and timing of FBI Director Comey Firing

Senators Grassley and Feinstein were both briefed by now former FBI director James Comey that the president is not under investigation in connection with the allegations of collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russians. Comey refused to take Pres Trump’s name off the list of those being investigated during a recent congressional hearing. This strongly appears to be another judgment error by Comey to fail to notify the American people that their president is not under active criminal investigation in connection with the collusion allegation case. Both the timing and reasons for the Comey firing have multiple roots. When he laid out his case in July 2016 on Hillary Clinton’s grossly mismanaged private file server on which resided top-secret and other highly classified information, his boss Loretta Lynch the Atty. Gen. refused to recuse herself in the CLinton file server case after meeting with former Pres. Bill Clinton in a private session in her airplane during an active criminal investigation of Clinton’s wife Hillary Clinton. Based on the evidence furnished by FBI director Comey shortly after the Lynch – Clinton meeting the former FBI director usurped the authority of the Justice Department’s prosecutors by declaring Hillary Clinton to be not guilty due to lack of requisite intent with respect to the grossly careless use of her file server. Comey had no business usurping the authority of the Justice Department’s prosecutors – the FBI investigates only it does not decide whether to prosecute or not. It was at this time that Comey should of been fired for acting beyond his authority which everyone seemed to accept as the final word on the investigation. In other words it was incumbent on FBI director Comey to find a way to refer the case to the prosecutors in the Justice Department and not take that responsibility away from them thereby acting beyond his personal authority. It was the responsibility of Loretta Lynch/Pres. Obama to fire Comey for usurping authority as described – but that was not done at the time thereby leaving the task to the next administration. Let’s remember at this time in July 2016 Lynch, Obama and even FBI director Comey believed that Hillary Clinton was likely to be the next president in which case this entire scenario would eventually play out much differently under a Clinton administration.
So what then was president Trump supposed to do with FBI director James Comey after inheriting him as his FBI director following Trump’s successful election to the presidency. As can be recalled the Democrats resisted and delayed the confirmation of the new Atty. Gen. Sessions. Trump no doubt did not want to take any official action on the FBI director position until his Atty. Gen. had been appointed and had a chance to evaluate the FBI director and give president Trump a recommendation on Comey. Therefore delay was clearly forced on Trump from the very beginning when he took office. Therefore the delay in evaluating Comey and making a final decision on his position was all part of the time taken for the transition into the new administration of Pres. Trump. While Trump was forming his own impressions of the FBI director he was also waiting to install his new team at the Justice Department after firing assistant attorney general Sally Yates for refusing to implement the travel ban on Middle Eastern countries. It was not until after Atty. Gen. sessions and the new assistant attorney general replacing Yates were in place and made a recommendation to Trump on the disposition of Comey, that the former FBI director was fired by the president. Therefore only after carefully reviewing the facts and timeline in this matter can a conclusion be reached about what dictated the delay and timing for the decision to fire the FBI director James Comey. The lame left-wing media and the pundits at CNN and MSNBC apparently do not have the capacity to evaluate the facts and timeline and therefore they debate these issues infinitely and are incapable or just simply resist figuring it out.

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