Crimes by federal employees

The case against Hillary Clinton for the atrocities she was guilty of committing in connection with the four American deaths in Benghazi was dismissed on legal grounds. The plaintiff family members who brought the case alleged that they had been defamed by Clinton’s denying that these family members were telling the truth when they alleged that Clinton had told them that the reason for the death of their family members had been an internet video that shamed Muhammad. This was a lie. The deaths had been the result of a planned terrorist attack on the mission headquarters and its Annex in Benghazi, Libya. Clinton, Obama and Susan rice all lied about the video being the cause of of the attack.

In addition, the plaintiffs alleged that the illegal use by Clinton of a private file server for use of her emails including classified information served to tip off the terrorists to the existence of the activities in the Benghazi compound and Annex where their family members were murdered by terrorists.

The Judge dismissed the case for both lack of damages in the case of defamation and for lack of evidence in the case of the Clinton file server.

There is abundant evidence to support the allegation that Clinton was grossly negligent in providing additional security to the compound after repeated requests by Ambassador Chris
Stevens. Clinton ignored these requests and Stevens was ultimately killed in the attack along with Smith,Woods and Doherty.

It is wrong to shield any government employee for the gross wrongs they have committed and the damages and injuries up to and including death that result from their acts and omissions, whether intentional or not.

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