The restoration of US global leadership

For the past eight years under the Obama administration the US had led from behind on the world stage, it yielded to weak foreign-policy, it fought its battles on the world stage from its knees and was proactive in undermining its own position of leadership in the world community. Obama made apologies for the very essence of US strength and opened the country up the vulnerabilities and risks through its immigration policy – this period of US weakness and denial is now behind us and we are in the Trump era where things are much different and America’s vulnerabilities are being protected and its strengths are being projected.

President Trump’s recently concluded international trip where he visited Saudi Arabia, the Vatican, Brussels and Italy restored America to its traditional status of strength and leadership on the world stage. Saudi Arabia brought together over 50 Sunni Muslim nations to ally them against radical Islamic terrorism. Trump’s message was strong and his intent was to both unite and strengthen the bonds between the Sunni Muslim world and the US and Europe in the pursuit of the war on terrorism. This was a both a critical leg of the recent international tour and it was a huge success.

Trump also addressed the NATO nations in Brussels at which he informed them to live up to their financial obligations under the NATO treaty which requires each nation to contribute 2% minimum of their GDP to defense. Most nations are falling short of that requirement and have transferred that burden to the US taxpayer. Trump made it clear that this situation had to be remedied.

In sum, president Trump’s global outreach was an enormous success, restoring US strength and leadership globally and cementing relationships that will prove valuable and fruitful for the future.

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