Fight back against the Islamization of America

Pretentious Muslims fill a street in New York praying during the Ramadan fast and in so doing add to the threat that our nation must face – the Muslims in this country are in huge numbers on a civilization Jihad from the inner core of our freedoms and liberties and the Constitution all of which are in imminent peril from these Islamists. The liberal activist political environment in the state of New York permits these unruly activists Muslims to take over the streets which belong to the people and the New York police refuse to clear them from public pathways. As these activist Muslims attack our freedoms and liberties from the inner core it is from the inner core that we must counter this threat to civilization as we know it. We must as Americans defend our nation against the Islamization of our country. We must clear them out. We must shut them down for good. We must expel them from our shores and from our hinterlands. We must ban them from entering America by strict vetting. We must fight to protect America from ever being like Western Europe – like Germany – like France – like England.

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