Robert Mueller is poison in the investigation’s well-lacks backbone and objectivity

When Robert Mueller was appointed as special investigator in the current Russian interference investigation he drew the accolades of many people for being fair and professional. As the former FBI director , Mueller had all the appearances of being the right man to conduct a special investigation through the Justice Department. However my thoughts on Mueller are quite to the contrary. Mueller is a close acquaintance of James Comey who was fired by Donald Trump and it had been Mueller who presided over the FBI at a time when the Muslim brotherhood and its adherents occupied influential positions to the Obama administration and had insisted that the FBI purge a large number of records considered offensive to Muslims. The shocking truth is that on February 8, 2012 then FBI director Robert Mueller advised these Muslim front group that the agency had purged 1000 presentations and curricula on Islam that were considered offensive to Muslims. All facts surrounding this event reportedly led to the conclusion that the Muslim brotherhood and its adherents and support groups were instrumental in describing the content that was offensive to Muslims and that this was the contents that the FBI actually removed under Mueller.This series of events and even the hint that these Muslim brotherhood adherents have been engaged with our executive branch and purging official government records is at best shocking and at worst treasonous. And Mueller was on the front line and allowed those actions to take place.

Now Mueller is appointed as the special investigator under the Justice Department’s investigation into the Russian interference with the November 2016 election. Mueller has appointed several attorneys to join him in the effort all of which have contributed to the Democrats and are clearly labeled as Democrat supporters. Mueller is turning this into a witch hunt of prejudicial proportions and in my opinion this witch hunt and the investigation should be terminated by Trump and if necessary started again under much more objective conditions and staffing than the current Mueller regime. The Mueller team as constituted is going after Trump and his administration. Of this there should be no doubt and Mueller is not the right person to head this up or appoint the objective people who are needed to support the investigation. Mueller has already demonstrated his inability and unwillingness to do just that. To this extent Mueller has become “poison in the well” as it relates to the investigation he has been assigned to conduct. I am convinced that the lack of backbone he showed back in 2012 when he permitted influential Muslim brotherhood and Muslim brotherhood adherents to dictate the eradication of a wide range of FBI reports and documentation that were offensive to Muslims from the FBI records will again be demonstrated in the current investigation that he leads.

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