Republican -Senate Healthcare act is vicious attack on middle class and poor

The Better Care and Reconciliation Act of 2017 is a vicious attack on the middle class and the poor. This piece of proposed legislation is a vastly inferior shot at a national healthcare plan for America. Premiums and deductibles will rival Obamacare and will cave in the roof on Medicaid and undermine healthcare for the poor and middle class. The proposed law is a ship wreck that will cripple healthcare across the broad spectrum of those who are least capable of sustaining the cost burden of the proposed plan which appears more to be a debt reduction axe than it does an affordable healthcare plan for America.

Any plan in order to be a success must address the following parameters:

1. Engage interstate competition by insurance companies to reduce premiums and deductibles and to increase choice by the masses.

2. Result in highly affordable premiums, low deductibles and a high range of choices from which to select.

3. Insurance policies must include the elimination of pre-existing conditions restrictions, non-cancellation for illness or for exceeding any dollar limitation, coverage of insurers’ children up to the age of 26 and elimination of lifetime ceilings on medical reimbursement under any policy.

4. Insurance markets must provide for broad HealthNet’s including preferred providers across the spectrum in local markets and extended geographical markets for all kinds of generally recognized services.

5. At the discretion of subscribers, insurance plans must include a wide array of choices including rehabilitation, recovery, psychotherapy, maternity services, dental, eye care, catastrophic care option and other similar optional coverage for which the insured can subscribe and pay the cost if desired.

The current Senate Republican healthcare proposal should be dead on arrival and should provide adequate Medicaid benefits to the low income and poor population of America.

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