How should we address the problem of North Korea

The threat of North Korea is real and imminent. No recent US governments have dimmed this threat. So what are our options? What must be our primary strategy against this highly lethal rogue nation ? No answers seem plausible. We can continue to pressure China to push the NK regime to give up its nuclear development programs but for clearly obvious reasons the regime will push back and refuse. Also , China needs NK as a buffer between itself and the highly capitalist society in Seoul. But the future is not only dim for the US who has 30,000 military troops in South Korea.but also for China who would be under siege from an out pouring of refugees should hostilities break out between the US and South Korea on the one hand and NK on the other.
Also, on the minute mark after a strike of any type on NK, the regime would unleash a massive strike on South Korea with an estimated half a million casualties including 30,000 US troops. So the stakes are disastrous in scope for America and its ally South Korea.
So at the moment the highly volatile regime in NK continues to advance its nuclear developments edging closer to the day that its strategic missiles and warheads can claim large cities in the western US.
So the question remains. What should we do to address the North Korean regime?

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