Individual responsibility is the answer to healthcare

Why are we so undecided about how to deal with healthcare in America? The assumption that healthcare is a “right” is the real culprit. The stipulation that we must be compassionate as a nation is the root cause of this mess we are facing in the US. There is no compulsory or natural condition that we must give healthcare to everyone nor to be compassionate. This nation and its capitalistic foundation finds it repugnant to pursue such a plight as this. There are no natural laws that impose an obligation on the citizens to pay for or to deliver free of cost to the recipient needed healthcare. Ordinary citizens should be expected to pay their own way when it comes to their healthcare. This is the sane and rational moral imperative. The notion that you must pay for mine or I must pay for yours originates from a communal interpretation rather than a capitalistic founded principle by which America was born. No wonder there is so much consternation over a major paradigm change being forced down the throats of American citizens. After all ,contrary to liberal and progressive belligerence I am not my brothers keeper nor is the reverse true. We are literally attempting to kill the ills of society with failed foundation policies. We must shift to policies which inculcate individual responsibility and self accountability and render as a relic of the past the communal ideology of the liberal and progressive minds.

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