House rejects study of ties between Islam and terrorism

Last Friday the House rejected a bill that would have provided for studying the link between Islamic doctrine and terrorism. The bill was introduced by Congressman Trent Franks a Republican from Arizona. The bill was rejected when a number of moderate Republicans refused to accept the bill and approve it. This would have been a keen opportunity to increase public awareness of the critical link between Islamic doctrine and terrorism – the evil in the political doctrine of Islam that led to 9/11, Al Qaeda and ISIS and the devastating countless acts of terrorism and barbarism resulting from radical Islam. The fact that this bill could not even be passed with a Republican majority in the House demonstrates the vast public ignorance that still revolves around the subject of Islamic radicalism and its direct connection to terrorist acts that confront the world. To me it is highly disappointing that a Republican House would woefully fail to pass such a timely law that would provide enlightenment and awareness to the American public about the evils of radical Islam and the factors that indoctrinate its leaders. Make no mistake Islam is unlike any other religion in that it is both religious and political at its core – these two components of Islam are integrated in their practice and unless the public becomes aware of this unique nature of Islam it will continue and fail to comprehend why radical Islam is of such serious danger to the peace of the world and the survival of democracy and other religions.

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