Obamacare repeal–replacement a major GOP failure

Next week the Senate will vote on the partial repeal of Obama care. A replacement plan will not be part of this vote. This will be the same repeal bill that the Republican controlled Congress submitted to Barack Obama in 2015 which Obama vetoed. Any Republican who voted to repeal in 2015 who is unwilling to repeal in next week’s vote will have things to explain to his constituents back home. With the failure to pass a repeal – replace bill by the Senate the only remaining alternative is to allow the current Obama care system to collapse which it is well on its way to doing now.

The Republicans have had seven years to develop a replacement plan for Obamacare and because the GOP was asleep at the wheel they drastically failed in their mission to find a replacement to Obamacare. There are consequences for such failures and in the political arena these are usually handed out at the ballot box on election day. Forgiveness by voters is not something that is handed out easily in view of failures as significant, as in the case of Obamacare replacement. The result will be voter anxiety caused by the absence of any definite plan for replacement of Obama care.

The American healthcare system before Obamacare was a better system than Obamacare provided to the nation. Obamacare hacked and sawed this way through the fiber of America’s health care system with an appalling rollout in the beginning and then dreaded premium and deductible costs to follow. There is no doubt that the system must be eliminated however the tentacles of the existing Obamacare system have grown deeply into the fiber of the American healthcare system and will be difficult to eliminate entirely. Certain elements of Obamacare such as no exclusions for pre-existing conditions are popular and should remain in the final replacement legislation. We should first note that millions of Americans indeed the vast majority are covered by employer healthcare plans which are satisfactory. Nevertheless a free market/choice maximization system must be implemented as a replacement to the mandates and taxes under Obama care for individuals.

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