US conducts freedom of seas operations in South China Sea

The Trump administration is conducting regular operations in the South China Sea to challenge China’s aggressive actions in militarizing islands in that region. Under the Obama administration these routine operations by the US were weak to nonexistent in fear of upsetting China – no longer is this the case under the Trump administration. There is a definite plan approved by Trump and issued by the Defense Department to conduct routine operations in the air and sea in the vicinity of these contested South China Sea Islands. China’s activities in the South China Sea have been bullying in nature and have been conducted in spite of claims from other nations for the same territory making this a contested area where China has aggressively asserted its military operations in militarizing a number of islands in the region. All indications are that the Trump administration will not tolerate China’s behavior and will continue to conduct freedom of the sea operations in the vicinity of the islands that are under question. America’s international posture is increasing significantly under Pres. Trump whose actions are much more aggressive on America’s behalf and on behalf of other nations who are our allies. These actions are in accordance with president Trump’s promises to the American people to make America first.

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