RAISE ACT immigration bill will strengthen America

In concert with Trump’s immigration promises, the Raise Act, an English-speaking and skill-based merit immigration policy is being introduced by Senators Cotton and Perdue . This will strengthen American immigration by bringing only the best possible immigrants who are already English-speaking and have skills and abilities which can help America grow and be stronger. It will also reduce immigration populations to around 500,000 per year instead of the million who now immigrate many of which come into the country under chain immigration where their families are connected over long periods of time to the immigration chain. Under the present system millions of immigrants are non-English-speaking, are low skilled, tax the welfare system and instead of strength America they weaken it and drag down average wages in the process. This Raise Act bill will undoubtedly be pushed back on by many Democrats as being too restrictive and racial because of the English-speaking component. If passed this new act will pave the way for a future that is much brighter and productive for America, that will strengthen our economy and lead to better assimilation instead of what we are experiencing with refugees from the Middle East and North Africa who are bringing their own cultures and just now beginning to construct no go zones where sharia law is implemented.

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