The Truth about Charlottesville

The Charlottesville riots and protests last Saturday were despicable and wrong for a number of reasons. First, don’t be confused about the Nazis – the white supremacists who were there to spew their hate. They are rooted in the Democratic Party and the Ku Klux Klan. They are leftist extremists who are social terrorists – they are Nazis and they are not right wing extremists. On the other hand the Soros funded thugs from BLM and other left-wing splinter groups were also to blame. The entire gathering surrounded a Confederate monument that was to be taken down and removed. This in itself is a despicable and cowardly act – a nation which cannot face it’s past and future and present is indeed a weak nation – a spineless nation driven by spineless people. You don’t take down history and you don’t demonize it to achieve some idealistic and ideological point. That is the real truth of Charlottesville and the cowards who cannot face their own country’s history and plight. So what’s wrong with the monument that expresses the period in history of the nation. What’s wrong with reminding everybody what happened – and it wasn’t all about race it was about economics and politics also. And so the left of this country is driven by a cowardly instinct to dismantle its past and create an illusion of its history and future. There is something deeply troubling about those who would erase or attempt to erase the truth, obliterate reality and fear their own history. They are cowards and ideological fanatics who destroy what is and what was and what will be. This is the

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