Leftists Mobs take to streets in destruction binge on Civil War monuments

Far right radicals and mobs are taking to the streets in places like Durham, North Carolina to destroy monuments and other symbols of the Civil War era – this is a sign of anarchy and chaos and anti– white hate in our nation. Participating in the anarchy and civil destruction are the Triangle Peoples Assembly, the Workers World Party, industrial Workers of the World, Democratic Socialists of America and the Antifa movement. These are socialist and communist organizations which are well organized on the left to destroy symbols of a critical historical time in American history. The ease with which these thugs exercise destruction means they are meeting with no resistance by those who are in charge of protecting civil order and obedience.

This is a detestable time in American history and must be met by fierce resistance by our civil society to protect and maintain all vestiges of our American Heritage. The destruction of monuments by these right-wing communists and socialists, these thugs and terrorists, means that the left in this country is a destructive agent, a racist force for evil, destruction and disorder. In all essential ways the disruption and destruction by these extremists and terrorists are no different than the desecration by ISIS of the ancient religious sites in the Middle East.

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