Trump’s DACA Policy must have teeth

What is Trump doing, and what should he do with respect to 800,000 illegal immigrants brought into this country by their parents when they were children. These are the so-called “Dreamers” who have been protected from deportation under former Pres. Obama’s illegal and unconstitutional Executive Order covering Deferred Action Childhood Arrivals (DACA). During his campaign president Trump promised to deport these childhood arrivals (Dreamers) along with their parents. Conservatives still want these people deported along with their parents. On the other hands Trump seems to be softening in the direction of providing cover to these 800,000 people instead of forcing deportation. He has been working with the Democrats in the past several days to reach a conceptual agreement on a plan for handling the dreamers. Contrary to what is popular rhetoric not all these dreamers are fine upstanding people who have jobs and serve in the military. That’s just common sense. Not all speak English. Not all are off welfare. Not all are crime free. For this reason a sweeping all-encompassing DACA plan to cover these 800,000 people with work papers or a path to citizenship is highly unrealistic. In order to retain the support of his base president Trump should make his case known and clear so that there are no doubts about his intentions concerning these people.

In my opinion any plan to non-deport these 800,000 people should provide for individual screening to ensure each person among the 800,000 conforms to the proposed principles under the RAISE Act, these being that each person speaks English, his or her admission is based on merit and is in the interests of the United States, that no person shall be on welfare as a taxpayer burden, be gainfully employed with work skills required to improve America or be a member of the US military. If a person meets these requirements they would be issued a work permit. If they seek citizenship they would have to go on a citizenship application list behind other immigrating people who have already applied for citizenship.

In exchange for such a deal sufficient funds to be provided in the 2018 budget to build a wall of Trump’s choice along the southern border of Mexico and the US. If such terms cannot be agreed to in the final bill submitted to president Trump for signature then the 800,000 dreamers would be subject to deportation along with their parents in accordance with existing US immigration laws on the books. As an exception any dreamer serving in the US military would be covered by a permanent work permit and be eligible to get in line for citizenship during or following his or her military duty.

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