Don’t overtax American weathly

As the nation considers a reformed tax plan it would be good to remind ourselves of the following taken from A View from the Eagles Nest, my book on the policies of the Obama era:

” One of the most undermining currents of the contemporary debate in America is the demonizing of the wealthy and the evolving notion that they are in some way responsible for the financial salvation of the middle class in this nation. Nothing could be a greater distortion of the truth. Why should those, many of whom have started out in humble backgrounds, even in poverty, have become enormously wealthy and successful, like Steve Jobs, be on the chopping block of the liberal and even Populist opinion that they in some way deserve to be disgorged of the wealth they have created in spite of the enormous contributions they have already made to society? These giants in the sense of their great contributions are such a treasure to America that they should be protected, rewarded and encouraged by our society. In most instances their wealth is the symbol of their vastly superior contributions and willingness to accept the burdens and yes, rewards, that most are unwilling or unable to bear. It would behoove this nation to rediscover the roots of its greatness – the pride of invention and innovation and the multiplication of their fruits throughout society. “

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