US culture shocks due to mass migration

Migrations from North Africa, the Middle East, Central America cannot be assimilated and must be stopped. Thanks to the Trump administration actions are being taken to prevent this insanity from continuing and spreading. In communities throughout America the crow of the rooster in the morning is being replaced by the sound on loudspeakers of Islamic prayer calls. Habits, cultures and behaviors are slow to change but given enough people and time those things that are dear can disappear if they are not protected. Previous federal administrations have imported tens of thousands of migrants from North Africa and the Middle East into the interior of America where they have carelessly infected our neighborhoods with their dark and backward cultures only to stain our great freedoms and our liberty with their native and primitive acts and customs. These reckless and irresponsible placements of migrants have implanted cultural malaise and corrosion in the communities in which they have been scattered driving out our citizens and deprecating our culture. With Trump we may have a chance to blunt the forward progress of this blight but without him we are destined to a decaying American culture. If the left takes over they will finish our destruction.

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